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Private PDF extractor for even the most sensitive documents

Your data never leaves your computer. Don't believe us? Turn off your internet connection and it still extracts perfectly.

Example of Workflow AI PDF extraction.

Simply the best PDF-to-spreadsheet extractor on the market

Tested on bank statements, financial reports, legal filings, and more. We use cutting-edge OCR plus a hint of AI to extract table and table-like data from PDFs.

Private and secure

We have no access to your data. Nothing ever leaves your computer. This means we don't sell your information. Use our Private PDF Extractor to process your most sensitive documents without a sweat.

Don't believe us? Feel free to turn off your internet connection; this software will still run perfectly.


"There are many free PDF table extractors, PDF spreadsheet convertors, etc. Why should I try yours?"

Available PDF convertors often miss large chunks of your PDF or spit out messy output.

We believe we've built the best solution on the market — a real, working extractor that converts your gnarliest PDFs into clean sheets.

We encourage you to compare and see for yourself! We offer an unlimited free demo.


We offer an unlimited free demo — test as many PDFs as you'd like, for as long as you'd like.

We also offer a lifetime license for $65. One-time payment, with access to all future updates and unlimited downloading of Excel- and Google Sheet-compatible sheets.

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